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Lake Erie Wine with Distinction™


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The Sweetness Scale listed after each wine ranges from 0 (Driest) to 4 (Sweetest)

White Wines

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Conneaut Cellars Chardonnay photo

A dry white wine, barrel-fermented, and aged in French oak barrels. It has buttery, toasted almonds, vanilla, and spice aromas and oak after taste - an unrivaled companion for chicken in sauces and gravies.

Sweet Scale: 0

Conneaut Cellars Pinot Grigio photo

Pinot Grigio
A bright, crisp, dry, white wine with citrus and honeydew melon aromas and detectable spiciness. Fresh, fragrant and lively with hints of toasted almonds. Excellent with traditional fish, shellfish, poultry, pesto, and pork dishes.

Sweet Scale: 0

Conneaut Cellars Snug  Harbor photo

Snug Harbor
A delightfully crisp off-dry wine made from Seyval and Vidal grapes. Named for the area on the East Side of Conneaut Lake where a lighthouse stands. Lemon and peach aromas with a well-balanced flavor characterize this wine. Goes very well with seafood, vegetarian and poultry recipes.

Sweet Scale: 0.5

Conneaut Cellars Gewürztraminer photo

Gewürztraminer (Gee-vurtz-trey-meener)
An semi-dry wine made with the Alsatian grape. It is distinctive, spicy, and aromatic. Aromas are lychee-nuts, apricots, grapefruit, and pineapple. Complements spicy dishes, glazed pork, fruit, turkey, smoked foods, Mexican foods, and cheese platters.

Sweet Scale: 1.5

Conneaut Cellars Riesling photo

A semi-dry wine with aromas of apples, peaches, and orange peels. The perfect wine for fruit, salad, spicy foods, pork, Asian cuisine, and foods made with some sweetness.

Sweet Scale: 1.5

Conneaut Cellars Wolf  Island photo

Wolf Island
A medium Cayuga wine, neither dry nor sweet, with a well-balanced flavor and a pleasant aroma of the vineyards. Named for the largest island on Conneaut Lake. Excellent companion to chicken and fish.

Sweet Scale: 2

Conneaut Cellars Princess  Snowater photo

Princess Snowater
A semi-sweet Catawba wine with nice fruit aroma and finish. Ideal for those who do not care for a dry tart wine. Named for Conneaut, an Indian word meaning snow waters. A "real fun" wine for all occasions, including Chinese cooking, picnics, cookouts, and parties.

Sweet Scale: 3

Conneaut Cellars Huidekoper photo

A sweet, very fruity Niagara wine with the aroma and taste of fresh grapes. This wine was popular at the during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Named for the Huidekoper estate on the Lake. This wine should be enjoyed at any time, especially for dessert or in wine coolers.

Sweet Scale: 4

Conneaut Cellars Allegheny  Gold photo

Allegheny Gold
A sweet Vignoles dessert wine (similar to a late harvest) with tart flavor and Granny Smith Apple aroma.  It is named for nearby Allegheny College and the Allegheny River.

Sweet Scale: 4+

Rose Wines

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Conneaut Cellars Midway  Blush photo

Midway Blush
A medium rose/blush wine. Named for the Midway area on the east side of Conneaut Lake. It is a “Midway” wine with flavors and aromas midway on the scale. This wine is an all-purpose wine that complements lunches, buffets, and casual dining.

Sweet Scale: 2

Conneaut Cellars Pymatuning  Rose photo

Pymatuning Rose
A semi-sweet rose wine (Pink Catawba) and is named for Pymatuning Lake. It has a very citrus aroma with a pleasant flavor making it an all-purpose wine. This wine is a fun wine to be enjoyed any time or place. Great for those summertime picnics or winter card parties!

Sweet Scale: 3

Red Wines

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Conneaut Cellars Cabernet  Sauvignon photo

Cabernet Sauvignon
A dry, full-bodied, medium tannin, red wine aged about two years in Pennsylvania oak barrels. Aromas are bittersweet chocolate and raspberries. Perfect for lamb, steaks, game meats and chops, as well as chocolate.

Sweet Scale: 0

Conneaut Cellars Merlot photo

A dry, fruit forward, red wine with aromas and flavors of vanilla, black currant, plum, and chocolate. Goes very well with grilled tenderloin and portobello mushrooms, hard cheese, barbecued pork, veal, and rack of lamb.

Sweet Scale: 0

Conneaut Cellars Pinot  Noir photo

Pinot Noir
A dry, red wine that is light in body, color, and tannin. It is aged in French oak barrels and has a slight spicy bouquet and a strawberry pie flavor. This versatile wine pairs with grilled salmon and pork loin.

Sweet Scale: 0

Conneaut Cellars Sadsbury  Red photo

Sadsbury Red
An off-dry, vinifera wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, or Malbec. Each year is a different blend. Drinks young.

Sweet Scale: 1

Conneaut Cellars Colonel Crawford photo

Colonel Crawford
A semi-dry DeChaunac wine with a mellow berry aroma, and named for Crawford County's frontier hero. Goes very well with wine and cheese parties, barbecues, and shish kabobs.

Sweet Scale: 2

Conneaut Cellars Summit Red photo

Summit Red
A semi-sweet, blended red wine from DeChaunac and Concord grapes.  It is named for Summit Township, which lies at the north end of Conneaut Lake. Great for sipping, parties, and casual get-togethers with friends.

Sweet Scale: 3

Conneaut Cellars Hazel  Park Red photo

Hazel Park Red
A sweet, light red tasting wine with lots of Concord grape aroma. Named for the Hazel Park area on the East Side of Conneaut Lake. This wine is to be enjoyed at any time, especially as a sipping wine.

Sweet Scale:  4